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The following rules should be followed.
By registering an account and playing a character on Dark-Core-Revolution, you accept the rules of this server. If you do not read or follow the rules, you will not be protected from punishment.

Your name must be a meaningful sequence of different characters, and result in a word.
Names such as "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" are not allowed on Dark-Core-Revolution!
Likewise, vulgar, sexual or offensive names are not allowed.

The Guild War is only to be held on the following dates:
* Monday & Wednesday: 20:00 (GMT +1)
* Saturday: 19:00 (GMT +1)
A repetition and early start of the GW is not allowed.

The Secret Room takes place every Sunday at 18:00.
A repetition and early start of the Secret Room is not allowed.

Should the Lord repeatedly abuse his abilities*, the Dark-Core-Revolution Team reserves the right to remove the current Lord, start a new selection, and ban the accused Lord if necessary.
Furthermore, it is up to the Lord to decide , which events and to what extent they are carried out. The Lord may comnply to the player's wishes but he doesn't have to.
* Abuse of rights includes: Unrequested porting and muting to an excessive extent.

Treat other players as you want to be treated. That means threat them well. Also, be reasonable and mind your choice of words, vulgar language is not tolerated on Dark-Core-Revolution.
They should not offend the dignity of the players. Remember that there is only one person behind every player.
In particular, attacks on a personal level, insults and slanderous criticism, prejudices and rumours to demean third parties or malice and slander are undesirable and not allowed.

Advertising for other projects or Servers is explicitly not allowed on Dark-Core-Revolution.
Violations are punished with a mute or ban depending on how severe the Violation is!

The accounts, characters and items on the character are owned by Dark-Core-Revolution. We reserve the right to check the accounts at any time without prior notice and, if necessary, to ban them if the owner violates the rules.

Trade with real currencys
Trading in Euros, Dollars, Pounds, other currencies or cryptocurrencies is prohibited and and will be punished with a permanent ban.

A Dupe is the doubling of objects. Should you not hand in an unintentional dupe to an admin / GM, you will be banned. Should you do it provocatively, EVERYONE connected to the Dupe will be banned!

This means picking up items / penya from other players without their consent. If the player simply leaves the drops and continues, the drops are free for everyone.
If the player who owns the drops is still nearby, you have to ask him for permission to pick up the items.

* Cheat Engine
* any form of package editor
* Bots
* And any other tool that gives an unfair advantage
* F-Tool and Makros is tolerated but not supported by Dark-Core-Revolution

Should you pass on your account data to a third party, you are responsible for the actions of the character. If items / DPs are missing or processed, you are not entitled to them.
If the character is also banned, you have the right to know the reason, but no right to be unbanned.

These are deliberate in-game scams.
Player A places 10 Oris with a price of 1.5 m each in the shop and gives the shop the name "Oris only 500k"
Fraud also includes the reporting of a loss of items after a server crash of items that never existed.

Should you be harassed and / or put under pressure by a user / team member, he or she will receive a mute, temp ban and even a permanent ban.
In case of staff member harassing players , he will be dismissed with immediate effect.

Threat expression
Every threat / blackmail that is / was pronounced against a player, a team member or the server is punished with a permanent ban.
We reserve the right in certain situations to ban all accounts that run under the affected IP address.

Dark-Core-Revolution is not liable for lost virtual goods, but this does not include goods acquired by DP. These will only be restored by and after a thorough review by the Head-Admin.
Furthermore, Dark-Core-Revolution is not liable for physical damage, illnesses and possible strokes and heart attacks, which are caused by a penalty on the server.
The Dark-Core-Revolution Team only executes penalties virtually in the form of kicks and temporary / permanent bans.
In the event of a Donate reimbursement, Dark-Core-Revolution does not pay for the goods purchased through Donate Events. Only the actual value will be reimbursed.

Users of banned accounts are NOT entitled to a donation refund in euros, DPs or items.
Furthermore, you lose any right to vote points or other virtual goods on Dark-Core-Revolution.

Every trade that you make is effective and irrevocable as both trading players must confirm the trade twice.
Special cases are only dealt with by the Head-Admin or Admin.

The submission of the rank "guild leader" must be confirmed by you, whereby you lose any claim to the guild.
Special cases are only dealt with by the Head-Admin or Admin!

Fair play is the order of the day on the Dark-Core-Revolution!
For this reason it is forbidden to participate in an event with more than one character.

The Dark-Core-Revolution Team reserves the right to change the rules at any time without notice.
Administrative decisions are not discussed with the community.
In addition, you automatically accept the rules as soon as you register an account and login.