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Instance Manager

earn chips as reward for finishing every instance. you can exchange our instance chips against keys wich allows you to increase the difficulty and also increase your chances! see directly what you can get from an instance and what the requirements are for!

Soul Level

Reach higher Soul Level for great rewards and other benefits. After getting level 200 your exp color will turns in purple and you only level your soul level. Your class and your basic level will still be the same.


every instance boss has the chance to a weapon with rarity. rarity weapon have random stats wich increase your weapon fully random! your random stat isnt good enough? increase them with our rarity reroll!

Gear Score

Increase your Gear Score with basic upgrades, piercing cards and diamonds. Reach a higher Gear Score to explore higher instances and getting better!

God Buffs

Starts world buffs for everyone! No limits! Stack them with other god buffs independently from the lord!

Boss Buffs

Some giats in Dark-Core-Revolution activates buffs for everyone! Search for them and activate server buffs by slaying them!


Earn Badges with Level Ups or get them with our Daily Quest or for PVE activities. All Badges on Dark-Core-Revolution have effects so they are very helpful! Activate the Badges with the Hotkey H and then click easily on Badges. Choose your Badge and confirm it. Only the Badge that actual activated counts in your stats.

Holo Badges

Holo Badges are fully animated! Your friends will not be able to take their eyes away! Our Holo Badges works simular to our normal Badges.

Item Wiki

Find with our item wiki any info from any item! You can find our wiki in your shortcuts at your taskbar otherwise make just /wiki in the chat window.

Pet Filter

Drag the Items your Pick-Up Pet should collect into the empty slots. Check the Item Filter so that your pet only picks up the items you dragged into the slots! The same goes for Category. If you choose a Category and check it, your pet will only pick up the items that fall under this category! As example Quest Item Category will make your pet pick up Quest Items. You can uncheck both options to make your pet collect everything!


Go where you want easy and fast. Open our teleporter with V and choose the world your want to visit and click teleport!


You are looking for a party? Simply press L and click Search and Join.

VIP Status

get vip with doing couple levels or soul levels or other pvp/pve activities. vip players have these benefits on dark-core-revolution: • can use /buff • additional stats on weapons • 25% less instance cooldown • allstat +25 • soul experience +20% • droprate +10% • attack power rate +10% • pve damage +12% • speed +25%

Bulk Box Open

Open Farm Boxes with 1 click. Just make a simple right click on it and choose how many you want to open!

Currency Display & Perin Exchange

No more currencys in your inventory that takes place without any reason! See a overview from all your currency with mousehover! With up and down click you can set your actually currency. Additional: Exchange all your penya with a simple rightclick into perin!

Unlimited Safe Upgrade

Upgrade your weapons until you have no resources anymore! No annoying reload of items more!

Record Book

Our Record Book registered and saves automatically all records for you! You have nothing further to do as looking for your entries!

Stat-Pet Modelchange

Modelchange for all Stat-Pets! (For Tiger, Fox, Dragon, Griffin, Rabbit, Horse, Spider)

CS-Pet Modelchange

Modelchange for all Pickup-Pets!


Skin your Fashion and weapon with models you like!

Crossover Modelchange

With our Crossover Modelchange you can change the look from a sword into a axe and vice versa! The same works with shields and gems, with bows and crossbows, wands and staffs ..etc

(This site is still in progress..)