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Frequently Asked Questions

The patcher requires a certain charging time, wait a moment and look if he reacts after a few seconds.
Should your patcher / game close, or give an error message, probably you miss the requirements for playing.
In our download area you will find a link to the Microsoft page for DirectX and for the Visual Studio Packages wich is needed for playing. When downloading, pay attention to selecting the correct version for your system. (x86 for 64-bit systems)

Please note: If you arrived at the DirectX installation, make sure that DirectX is not only extracted but also installed.

Dark-Core Revolution runs on version 21 and has a direct X and 64 bit upgrade to get a better performence.
Such changes are simply not possible without some various system adjustments for older games like flyff.

With the first login, Dark-Core Revolution can affect confusing, with the whole currencies and farm options.
But these do not really interest you. Start as usual with levels, and in the meantime, get great gifts and rewards!
A list of the Level Up gifts can be found in our guide area.

Start with your usual level behavior, as you would otherwise do.
If you arrived Level 150, the Revolution Forest offers you a slightly increased EXP rate, it is empirable value here to complete the levels to level 200.

If you have reached Level 200, you will note that your EXP Bar stained to purple.
Now you will increase your Soul Level, you stay with the same class throughout the time on Level 200 with the same class, so consider what class you choose.

To make the Soul Level as effectively as possible, it is recommended to change Level 200 to the Level and Farm Map "Forgotten Path". A ticket for this map can be purchased at our Revolution Shop in Flaris. Receive in Forgotten Path increased EXP and increases revolution chip drop-rate! Even better is only with our Premium Map!

You will receive after a while soul leveling occasionally gifts, a list for these gifts can be found in our guide area.

In addition to our valuable Soul Level gifts, the Soul Level also gives you other previlegies. It allows you to access higher instances, and allows you the crafting of more valuable items!

Most of the equipment is defiant in instances, other must be manufactured by craffting.

On dark-core revolution, there is plenty of custom content, and also instances. To better manage all these instances, we invented the Instance Manager for you. The Instance Manager is very easy to find when you click Start, and then you click on "Instance System" in the tab systems.
You can find a guide to our instance manager in our guide area.

In order to invite someone to an instance, this can do this about right-click in the friend list on the names, or you run the command: /InstanceInvite NAME
If the person meets all requirements, it will then get an invitation.

All bosses on dark-core revolution, from Saint Morning and above, drops so-called boss boxes.
The class of monsters determines the value of the box. Higher classes have more valuable boxes.
You have the possibility to get a box for potions, a box for cards and one for beads.
You receive diamonds from these monsters directly.

The first accessory set can be purchased at Peach in Flaris, you will receive another accessory set by Soul Level.

The advanced accessory builds on our Nemesis accessory, which you find in our Wild Rustia instance. If you have the entire nemesis accessory set together, you can first craft this to a Dark Nemesis accessory.
The recipes for this process can be purchased at our Revolution Shop in Flaris. From here, the accessory can be improved twice, and the recipes must be dropped.

If you have the Dark Nemesis accessory set complete the next accessory set is the Black Nemesis accessory. The recipes for these you will find in our Instant Boss Instances ClockWorks and Meteonyker war.

If you got the Dark Nemesis accessory, you have already done it really far! Then it can go on with the dark-soul accessory set. The recipes for the Dark Soul accessory set can be found in the Dark Rustia instance, but beware:

Our Dark Dungeons are very powerful!

You reached the power of Dark-Soul and you want more? There is one more way to each a higher accessory. Get the Black-Soul Accessory Recipes from our Dark Volcane Instance wich can be found on our instance manager!

Level 105 => Dryad Sets => Kalgas Sets => Dark Dryad Sets => Dark Kalgas Sets => Black Revolution

Legendary Weapon => Crystal Weapon => Vampire/Ancient Weapon => Behemoth Weapon => Dark Ancient Weapon => Dark Behemoth Weapon => Shiny

Soul Accessory => Nemesis Accessory => Dark Nemesis Accessory => Black Nemesis Accessory => Dark-Soul Accessory => Black Soul Accessory

The premium instance has a significantly higher EXP and PENYA rate.
In addition, you will receive direct Dark chips, the Crafting Currency on Dark Core Revolution.

Here are the Modes of this Instance:
Normal = 1 Hour time to farm
Heroic(Item +1) = 1 Hour time to farm